Saturday 16 September
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08:30 - 10:30

Complications of fillers

Chairmen: Dalvi HUMZAH (West Midlands, UK),Jérôme PARIS (Marseille, FRANCE),Patrick TREVIDIC (Paris, FRANCE)
08:30 - 10:30 Illegal fillers : complications and treatment. John J. MARTIN (USA)
08:30 - 10:30 Nodular Complications: Problem-Oriented Case Analysis,. Hema SUNDARAM (USA)
08:30 - 10:30 Dangers of aesthetic procedures in wrong hands. Micheline CHALOUHI (LEBANON)
08:30 - 10:30 Complications: Staying Safe. Dalvi HUMZAH (West Midlands, UK)
08:30 - 10:30 Dangerous zones for your fillers injection. Patrick TREVIDIC (Paris, FRANCE)
08:30 - 10:30 Physico chemical Risk factors in Body Fillers Complications. Alain TENENBAUM (Facial Plastic Surgery) (Lugano, SWITZERLAND)
08:30 - 10:30 Tip necrosis after injection of Calcium hydroxyapetatite. Chronology and analyze of the problem. David GRISHKYAN (RUSSIA)
08:30 - 10:30 #9920 - All the things that can go wrong with dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers, specifically hyaluronic acid, is a very safe product in the hand of the experienced doctor. The more common this product gets, the more unexperienced physicians use this product. This leads, together with the usage of hyaluronic acid in regions not suitable for HA, to a growing number of serious complications.

This review of the current literature gives an overview of the worst complications reported in the last years, analizes the mistakes that were being made, gives tips and tricks how to deal with them and how to avoid them at all. 

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08:30 - 10:30

Breast and Body Contouring

Chairman: Rolf BARTSCH (Founder and owner) (Vienna, AUSTRIA)
08:30 - 08:45 Tips for circumferential lipoplasty of the lower limbs: planning, contouring, and skin retraction. Alberto DI GIUSEPPE (Ancona, ITALY)
08:45 - 09:00 Liposuction for lipoedema. Robert BOONEN (Owner/medical director) (Rotterdam, THE NETHERLANDS)
09:00 - 09:15 Protocol for gynecomastia using ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty under local anaesthesa. Peter PRENDERGAST (IRELAND)
09:15 - 09:30 New technology to treat structural cellulite in a single procedure. Rolf BARTSCH (Founder and owner) (Vienna, AUSTRIA)
09:30 - 09:45 Mastopexy with cohesive gel silicone implants under local tumescent anaesthesia. Angelo REBELO (PORTUGAL)
09:45 - 10:00 3-dimensional images: New approach to deal with breast asymmetry. Thomas COLSON (Chef de clinique) (Marseille, FRANCE)
10:00 - 10:15 Deciphering devices: optimum use of cold, heat, shockwaves and ultrasound in body contouring. Alice PRETHIMA MICHAEL (MALAYSIA)
10:15 - 10:30 Treatment of cellulite dimples: controlled subcision versus ultrasound dissection. Rolf BARTSCH (Founder and owner) (Vienna, AUSTRIA)
Room 2
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08:30 - 10:30

Aesthetic medicine and fine arts

Chairmen: Frederic BRACCINI (Nice, FRANCE),Jamal DJOUDI (Vouneuil Sous Biard, FRANCE)
08:30 - 08:40 Introduction-presentation. Jamal DJOUDI (Vouneuil Sous Biard, FRANCE)
08:40 - 09:05 Basic artistic rules - facial expressions. Sylvie WERKEN (Professeur de sculpture) (FRANCE)
09:05 - 09:25 Impressionism in the art of analysis. Jamal DJOUDI (Vouneuil Sous Biard, FRANCE)
09:25 - 09:45 The art of the gesture, the art of the procedure. Rami SÉLINGER (Paris, FRANCE)
09:45 - 10:05 Photoshop - lies and propaganda. Magali CONDE (FRANCE)
10:05 - 10:15 EBAME Presentation. Jamal DJOUDI (Vouneuil Sous Biard, FRANCE)
10:15 - 10:30 Q&A.
Room 3
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10:30 - 11:00

Morning break

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11:00 - 13:00

Botulinum Toxin

Chairmen: Alessio REDAELLI (ITALY),Charles VOLPEI (Plastic surgeon) (Nice, FRANCE)
11:00 - 11:15 How the 3D anatomy can explain outcomes and pitfalls ? Patrick TREVIDIC (Paris, FRANCE)
11:15 - 11:30 Most recent protocols to optimize botulinum toxin. Charles VOLPEI (Plastic surgeon) (Nice, FRANCE)
11:30 - 11:45 Micro-meso-botulinum toxin: myth or reality? Practical update. Alessio REDAELLI (ITALY)
11:45 - 12:00 Botulinum toxin "around the eye". Eric SARFATI (Ophtalmologue) (Toulon, FRANCE)
12:00 - 12:15 Botulinum toxin in lower face. Frederic BRACCINI (Nice, FRANCE)
12:15 - 12:30 My tips and tricks to avoid complications. Nabila AZIB (MOROCCO)
12:30 - 12:45 Neurotoxin complications. John J. MARTIN (USA)
12:45 - 13:00 Q&A with panel.
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11:00 - 13:00

Medical Profiloplasty
The new paradigm for the best practice (forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, chin specifities)

Chairmen: Frederic BRACCINI (Nice, FRANCE),Fabien GIAUSSERAN (Aesthetic Practitionner) (Lille, FRANCE)
11:00 - 13:00 Artistic approach : How to understand the ideal profile ? Jamal DJOUDI (Vouneuil Sous Biard, FRANCE)
11:00 - 13:00 Forehead : forehead and upper third : a harmonious balance.
11:00 - 13:00 Why the nose is an illusion ? What is the best technique to achieve perfection ? Frederic BRACCINI (Nice, FRANCE)
11:00 - 13:00 Ptosis correction by toxin. Eric SARFATI (Ophtalmologue) (Toulon, FRANCE)
11:00 - 13:00 My theory for a natural cheek. Fouad BELFKIRA (Chirurgien plastique) (Lyon, FRANCE)
11:00 - 13:00 Must we choose between the bolus technique and the fan technique? Joelle HUTH (Périgueux, FRANCE)
11:00 - 13:00 Tips and tricks to obtain a natural lip. Christophe DESOUCHES (Marseille, FRANCE)
11:00 - 13:00 No touch lip enhancement. Eva GUISANTES (Barcelone, SPAIN)
11:00 - 13:00 Updates and techniques for lip rejuvenation and enhancement. Vincent WONG (London, UK)
11:00 - 13:00 Chin filling and management. Female versus male approach. Fabien GIAUSSERAN (Aesthetic Practitionner) (Lille, FRANCE)
Room 2
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11:00 - 13:00

Laser and new technologies

Chairman: Yann RENOULET (Düsseldorf, GERMANY)
10min presentation +2 min questions
11:00 - 13:00 New revolutionary peeling. Jean Luc VIGNERON (Manager) (St Paul, FRANCE)
11:00 - 13:00 Defocalized ultrasound and depressurized ultrascission. New techologies. Eric PLOT (Chirurgien Plastique) (FRANCE)
11:00 - 13:00 How to choose the right machines in esthetic medicine ? What works and what you should avoid. Philippe BLANCHEMAISON (Paris, FRANCE)
11:00 - 13:00 Ultherapy for Neck rejuvenation. Julia CHEBOTAREVA (RUSSIA)
11:00 - 13:00 The Role of aesthetic techniques in reconstructive Head and Neck surgery. Stanislav IVANOV (RUSSIA), Inna LUCHKEVICH (ITALY)
11:00 - 13:00 Skin resurfacing in asian face. Lin WANG (Dalian, CHINA)
Room 3
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13:00 - 14:00

Lunch break

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13:00 - 14:00

Industry Symposium

Room 3
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13:30 - 16:00

SOPREF Autumn Meeting
New trends and references in oculoplasty

Chairman: Jacques LAGIER (Nice, FRANCE)
13:30 - 13:40 Introduction. Jacques LAGIER (Nice, FRANCE)
13:40 - 13:50 Contribution of 3D scanner capture compared with 2D photographs for evaluation of facial aging. Norma FABRE-VILA RICART (Mauguio, FRANCE)
13:50 - 14:00 Amylose oculaire primitive isolee. Pauline PLASSE (FRANCE)
14:00 - 14:10 Oedème et érythème périorbitaires révélateurs d'un lupus érythémateux discoïde. Gabrielle GOLDMAN LEVY (FRANCE)
14:10 - 14:20 La pathologie palpébrale chez le sujet mélanoderme. Luc Joel KOUASSI (Medecin) (Abidjan, CÔTE D'IVOIRE)
14:20 - 14:40 Le ptosis pédiatrique. Edouard FEVRIER (Interne) (Nice, FRANCE)
14:40 - 14:50 La suture transcanthale externe renforcée : un peu de technique. Jean-Luc FAU (Nancy, FRANCE)
14:50 - 15:00 Reconstitution du sourcil par un lambeau composite de scalp vascularisé par un lambeau de fascia temporal superficialis. Eric LONGUEVILLE (Bordeaux, FRANCE)
15:00 - 15:10 Lower eyelid retraction managed by posterior lamella spacers : what's new? A. MARTEL (Nice, FRANCE)
15:10 - 15:20 Case report of congenital ichtyosis treated by lipostructure, malar lift and skin graft. Jacques LAGIER (Nice, FRANCE)
15:20 - 15:30 Discussion.
15:30 - 16:00 Lifting the lower eyelid and the middle third of the face. Malcom PAUL (USA)
Room 3
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14:00 - 15:00

New laser technology

14:00 - 15:00 New approach in laser rejuvenation. Innovative solutions and techniques. Andreas ROUMBAS (CYPRUS)
14:00 - 15:00 The Effectiveness of Laser Therapy for Healings Diabetic Wounds & Burns. Farouk AL-WATBAN ( (Riyadh,ksa, SAUDI ARABIA)
14:00 - 15:00 Dealing with laser complications. Maria GONZALEZ (UK)
14:00 - 15:00 Laser and surgery combined therapy. Yann RENOULET (Düsseldorf, GERMANY)
14:00 - 15:00 How to manage hyper pigmented lesion with laser solutions ? Marie-Jeanne MINICONI (Nice, FRANCE)
Room 2
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15:00 - 16:00

LED Session
Photobiomodulation : A Clinical glance : "A cellular cross talk"

Chairman: Michele PELLETIER (Toulon, FRANCE)
15:00 - 15:15 New research to understand the Dermo Epidermal Cross –Talk: Photobiomodulation ,Bioinduction , Mecano- transduction. Jean-Alexis GRIMAUD (Paris, FRANCE)
15:15 - 15:30 Light Emitting Diode Red Light Impact on Cellular Signaling and Function in Skin Fibrosis. Jared JAGDEO (USA)
15:30 - 15:45 Preparing the Skin or repairing the Skin? Changes in cell signalization in function of the sequence of LED Delivery, before or after an aesthetic procedure. Susanne HAUSDORFER (BELGIUM)
15:45 - 16:00 Acne : A Vicious signaling circle ? Linda FOUQUE (Nice, FRANCE)
Room 2
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16:00 - 16:30

Afternoon break

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16:20 - 17:40

SOPREF Autumn Meeting
New trends and references in oculoplasty

Chairman: Jacques LAGIER (Nice, FRANCE)
16:20 - 16:30 Blepharoplastie supérieure step by step. Florian DALMASSE (FRANCE)
16:30 - 16:40 Blepharoplastie inférieure "les petits trucs pour optimiser les résultats". Eric SARFATI (Ophtalmologue) (Toulon, FRANCE)
16:40 - 16:50 Surgical procedure associated with blepharoplasty. Jacques LAGIER (Nice, FRANCE)
16:50 - 17:00 L'œil creux. Jérôme DELAS (Nice, FRANCE)
17:00 - 17:10 Lower lid fillers vs blepharoplasty with fat repositioning. John J. MARTIN (USA)
17:10 - 17:30 Quoi de neuf en 2017 pour la prise en charge des poches malaires ? Francesco ESPOSITO (Interne d'ophtalmologie) (Marseille, FRANCE)
17:30 - 17:40 Discussion.
Room 3
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16:30 - 17:30

Cosmetic and nutrition

Chairmen: Jérôme PARIS (Marseille, FRANCE),Philippe PICCERELLE (Marseille, FRANCE)
16:30 - 16:38 Learning how to decipher the composition of the products that we prescribe. Régis MARTIN (Fondateur de LULL) (Paris, FRANCE)
16:38 - 16:46 Answers to the patients' frequently asked questions. Michel LE MAITRE (Caen, FRANCE)
16:46 - 16:54 Anti-age cosmetology. How to choose the right active ingredients ? Audrey-Geneviève TARPIN-LYONNET (Marseille, FRANCE)
17:10 - 17:18 Co-drugs in cosmetics, in particular vitamin C and retinol and their uses/applications as new transcutaneous vectors. Alfred MARCHAL (Waterloo, BELGIUM)
17:18 - 17:26 #12110 - Hyperacute serum - a novel blood derivative that outperforms PRP in supporting cell proliferation and adipogenesis from MSCs.


Fat tissue, due to its high concentration of pluripotent stem cells, has a role in aesthetic medicine and reconstructive surgery. However, poor survival of the transplanted cells still limits the usefulness of this material in regenerative medicine. Several studies indicated that platelet rich plasma (PRP) may improve adipose tissue viability due to its growth factor content. However, pro-inflammatory agents such as fibrin and leukocytes are also present in PRP which are not desired in these indications. The present study aimed to investigate the effects of hyperacute serum, a novel cell- and fibrin-free blood derivative on the adipogenic lineage in vitro.


Metabolic activity and proliferation rate of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) cultivated in media supplemented with three types of serum additives (fetal calf serum (FCS), human PRP or hyperacute serum). Hyperacute serum was isolated from glass-activated platelet rich fibrin within 10 minutes of blood drawing to prevent the propagation of inflammatory cascades.  Cell proliferation was determined using a tetrazolium assay. Adipogenesis was evaluated in standard and pro-adipogenic media  and tested by oil red staining, triglyceride content and expression of specific genes. Adipogenic and adipokine proteins in the sera were measured by multiplex ELISA assays.


Proliferation of MSCs was supported by both FCS and hyperacute serum in a time-dependent manner, but surprisingly, PRP had a much weaker effect (change in proliferation rate after 5 days relative to metabolic activity on day 0 - FCS : 5.4 fold, hyperacute serum : 5.8, serum free 1.9, PRP 3.0 p<0.05). Lipogenesis was only observed in groups with adipogenic differentiation medium, with hyperacute serum showing a significantly stronger effect than PRP. This was confirmed by intensive accumulation of lysochrome dye in lipid droplets, higher triglyceride concentration and elevated expression of specific adipogenic genes. Interestingly it was also observed that in hyperacute serum group the production of COL1 was highly upregulated. Measurement of lipogenic proteins in the sera revealed,  that both PRP and hyperacute serum are abundant in them, PRP also contains anti-adipogenic factors which explains its weaker and less reliable effect.


Hyperacute serum provides more robust support than PRP in MSC proliferation as well as lipogenic differentiation, indicating that it may be a better adjuvant in fat grafting procedures.

Olga KUTEN, , ,
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17:30 - 18:30

Update on fillers

Chairmen: Frederic BRACCINI (Nice, FRANCE),Hervé PADEY (FRANCE)
17:30 - 18:30 Rheology and behavior of hyaluronic acids. How to make the right choice? Philippe PICCERELLE (Marseille, FRANCE)
17:30 - 18:30 Fillers without BDDE, is this possible ? Jean Luc VIGNERON (Manager) (St Paul, FRANCE)
17:30 - 18:30 What is the ideal Facial Volumetry ? Charles VOLPEI (Plastic surgeon) (Nice, FRANCE)
17:30 - 18:30 Less is More. New concept in the use of fillers. Frederic BRACCINI (Nice, FRANCE)
17:30 - 18:30 Anatomic, Scientific and Clinical Rationale for Layered Volumetry,. Hema SUNDARAM (USA)
17:30 - 18:30 Toxin alternatives and their efficacy. Vincent WONG (London, UK)
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17:30 - 18:30

Non surgical threads rejuvenation

Chairmen: Jean-Paul FOUMENTEZE (Cannes, FRANCE),Paola ROSALBA RUSSO (Milan, ITALY)
17:30 - 18:30 My experience in the use of cone threads. Paola ROSALBA RUSSO (Milan, ITALY)
17:30 - 18:30 "Easy jawlift" with threads. New technique. Jean Luc VIGNERON (Manager) (St Paul, FRANCE)
17:30 - 18:30 One-stitch facelift : indications and technique. Peter PRENDERGAST (IRELAND)
17:30 - 18:30 Permanent tightening threads. How they have become a true lifiting procedure. Jean-Paul FOUMENTEZE (Cannes, FRANCE)
17:30 - 18:30 Thread lifting with polycaprolactone threads (Happy Lift). Vincent WONG (London, UK)
Room 2