Tuesday 06 September

"Tuesday 06 September"

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13:50 - 16:10

Electrical measurement techniques

Chairpersons: Dr Christof ASBACH (Unit Head "Air Quality & Filtration") (Duisburg, Germany), Martin FIERZ (Windisch, Switzerland)
13:50 - 14:10 #5649 - O19-AMT-INST-01 Design and optimization of a Medium Flow Differential Mobility Analyzer (MFDMA). Thore ROSENBERGER (Duisburg, Germany), Dennis KIESLER, Esther HONTANON, Einar KRUIS, Daniel FUENTES, Emilio RAMIRO
14:30 - 14:50 #5509 - O19-AMT-INST-03 Evaluation of CPMA-Electrometer Calibration Method for Black Carbon Aerosols. Jordan TITOSKY, Ali MOMENIMOVAHED, Kevin THOMSON (Ottawa, Canada), Greg SMALLWOOD, Jason OLFERT
14:50 - 15:10 #5496 - O19-AMT-INST-04 Dynamic cutpoint switching of mobility analyzer for improved aerosol characterization. Erkka SAUKKO (Tampere, Finland), Laura SALO, Topi RÖNKKÖ, Kauko JANKA, Jorma KESKINEN
15:10 - 15:30 #5502 - O19-AMT-INST-05 Influence of sampling tubes on the measurement with unipolar diffusion chargers. Dr Christof ASBACH (Duisburg, Germany), Heinz KAMINSKI, Yvonne LAMBOY, Martin FIERZ, Ana Maria TODEA
15:50 - 16:10 #5650 - O19-AMT-INST-07 Characterization of a new CPC and DMA for size distribution measurements down to 1nm. Jacob SCHECKMAN (Shoreview, Minnesota, USA), Mark STOLZENBURG, Hee-Siew HAN, Thomas KRINKE, Juergen SPIELVOGEL
13:50 - 16:10 RESERVE PAPER / P2-AMT-INST-039 Comparison Between the Experimental and Theoretical Resolution of a Simple Three Outlet Differential Mobility Analyzer.
Salle 2

"Tuesday 06 September"

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16:10 - 18:10

Poster session
Aerosol standards and new developments

16:10 - 18:10 #4691 - P2-AMT-INST-001 Round- Robin evaluation of the methodology for filtration efficiency tests in different filter media against nanoparticles. Panagiota SACHINIDOU (Dübendorf, Switzerland), Shawn S.c. CHEN, David Y.h. PUI, Paolo TRONVILLE, Thomas MOSIMANN, Mikael ERIKSSON, Jing WANG
16:10 - 18:10 #4870 - P2-AMT-INST-002 Generation of monomobile mobility standards with three aerosol neutralizers. Iris BRODACZ (Vienna, Austria), Manuel ORZAN, Lorenz WITEK, Harald SCHUH, Regina HITZENBERGER, Gerhard STEINER
16:10 - 18:10 #4683 - P2-AMT-INST-003 Real-time Instrument for Aerosol Mass Distribution Measurement. Modi CHEN, Francisco ROMAY (Shoreview, USA), Lin LI, Amir NAQWI, Virgil MARPLE
16:10 - 18:10 #4858 - P2-AMT-INST-004 A novel probe to investigate corrosion relevant particles in boilers of waste incineration plants. Stefan SCHUMACHER (Duisburg, Germany), Jörg LINDERMANN, Burkhard STAHLMECKE, Dirk JARZYNA, Amit KHOT, Thomas ZEINER, Till VAN DER ZWAAG, Hermann NORDSIECK, Ragnar WARNECKE, Christof ASBACH
16:10 - 18:10 #4884 - P2-AMT-INST-005 Comparison of the responses of a novel nanoparticle measurement device with commonly used aerosol instruments. Jani LESKINEN (Kuopio, Finland), Mika IHALAINEN, Erkka SAUKKO, Kauko JANKA, Jorma JOKINIEMI, Mirella MIETTINEN
16:10 - 18:10 #5033 - P2-AMT-INST-006 Coded ring sensor array for the local detection of charged particles. Wolfgang MOELTER-SIEMENS (Duisburg, Germany), Siegfried OPIOLKA, Ahmed BANKODAD, Stefan HAEP, Christof ASBACH
16:10 - 18:10 #5265 - P2-AMT-INST-007 Single Particle Extinction and Scattering (SPES) allows the characterization of aerosol optical properties. Federico MARIANI, Lorenzo CREMONESI, Tiziano SANVITO, Bruno PAROLI, Alberto PULLIA, Marco POTENZA (Milan, Italy)
16:10 - 18:10 #5408 - P2-AMT-INST-009 Combustion aerosol standard generator for aeronautic fuel. David DELHAYE, Ismael Kenneth ORTEGA (Palaiseau), Lianpeng JING, David LEDUR, Daniel FERRY, Cornelia IRIMIEA, Claire PIRIM, Bertrand CHAZALLON, Cristian FOCSA, François-Xavier OUF, François SALM, Xavier VANCASSEL
16:10 - 18:10 #5469 - P2-AMT-INST-010 A Harmonized Method for Monitoring the Number Concentration of Ultrafine Particles in Atmospheric Aerosol. Juergen SPIELVOGEL (Aachen, Germany), Oliver BISCHOF, Jacob SCHECKMAN, Brian OSMONDSON, Hans-Georg HORN
16:10 - 18:10 #5557 - P2-AMT-INST-011 Experimental investigation of aerosol particle composition and growth rates. Daniela WIMMER (Helsinki, Finland), Juha KANGASLUOMA, Paul WINKLER, Markku KULMALA, Tuukka PETAJA
16:10 - 18:10 #5818 - P2-AMT-INST-012 Aerosol Cu Ultra Fine Nanoparticles Size by XRD vs Bundle Diffusion Batteries. Stefano DI STASIO (Napoli, Italy), Andrei ONISCHUK, Giuseppe MOCCI
16:10 - 18:10 #8839 - P2-AMT-INST-051 CFD simulations to enhance the performance of an axial mobility classifier for ionic molecular clusters. Markus LEIMINGER (Innsbruck, Austria), Lukas FISCHER, Martin BREITENLECHNER, Werner JUD, Armin HANSEL, Gerhard STEINER
16:10 - 18:10 #5148 - P2-AMT-INST-014 Use of tubes made of electrostatic dissipative materials for sizing sub - 10 nm particles. Nic SURAWSKI (Nicosia, Cyprus), Konstantinos BARMPOUNIS, Spyros BEZANTAKOS, George BISKOS

"Tuesday 06 September"

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16:10 - 18:10

Poster session
Instrument calibration, accuracy and comparability

16:10 - 18:10 #4769 - P2-AMT-INST-016 The accuracy of the DMA-APM mass measurement for sub-50 nm nanoparticles. Boxi LIAO (Hsinchu City, Taiwan), Neng-Chun TSENG, Chun-Wan CHEN, Shi-Nian UANG, Cheng-Yao CHEN, Chuen-Jinn TSAI
16:10 - 18:10 #4871 - P2-AMT-INST-017 Optimizing the particle counting efficiency of the Grimm 5.412 CPC for airborne sub 4nm particles and clusters. Manuel ORZAN (Vienna, Austria), Iris BRODACZ, Lorenz WITEK, Harald SCHUH, Paul WINKLER, Regina HITZENBERGER, Gerhard STEINER
16:10 - 18:10 #5099 - P2-AMT-INST-018 Dynamic light scattering: a numerical standard. Annie GARO, Sawitree SAENGKAEW (saint etienne du rouvray)
16:10 - 18:10 #5167 - P2-AMT-INST-019 A new data inversion algorithm for Scanning Mobility Particle Sizers. Lars HUNZIKER, Felix LÜÖND (Bern-Wabern, Switzerland), Kevin AUDERSET, Cédric BLASER, Konstantina VASILATOU
16:10 - 18:10 #4878 - P2-AMT-INST-021 The REDMAAS 2015 intercomparison campaign (CPC+ long/nano-SMPS+UFPM): First results. Francisco J. GÓMEZ-MORENO (Madrid, Spain), Elisabeth ALONSO, Begoña ARTIÑANO, Jesús RODRÍGUEZ-MAROTO, Enrique ROJAS, María PIÑEIRO IGLESIAS, Purificación LÓPEZ MAHÍA, Noemí PÉREZ, Andrés ALASTUEY, Gloria TITOS, Lucas ALADOS-ARBOLEDA, Esther BORRÁS, Amalia MUÑOZ, Torsten TRITSCHER, Enrique LATORRE
16:10 - 18:10 #5240 - P2-AMT-INST-023 Determination of the UFP_3031 Uncertainty on Number Concentration regarding Ambient Air Particle Monitoring. Olivier LE BIHAN (), M. DALLE, Alexandre THOMASSON, F. PIN, B. MESBAH, P. BOURQUIN, O. FAVEZ
16:10 - 18:10 #5276 - P2-AMT-INST-024 Evaluation of accuracy of fine particulate matter (PM10) automatic measuring instruments in the air pollution monitoring network. Hyon Ho KIM (Daejeon, Korea), Sang Bong HAN, Jae Yong LEE, Joong Bo PARK, Jung Seop ROH, Jin Sang JUNG, Sangil LEE
16:10 - 18:10 #5539 - P2-AMT-INST-026 A calibration procedure adapted to measure in real-time droplet size distribution of e-cigarette aerosols. Pascal PRATTE, Stéphane COSANDEY (Neuchâtel, Switzerland), Catherine GOUJON GINGLINGER
16:10 - 18:10 #5544 - P2-AMT-INST-027 Real-time aerosol monitoring of LFS produced silver nanoparticles with DENSMO. Paxton JUUTI (Tampere, Finland), Janne HAAPANEN, Juha HARRA, Jyrki MÄKELÄ
16:10 - 18:10 #5646 - P2-AMT-INST-028 Comparison of condensation particle counters (CPCs) intended for workplace measurements. Carsten MÖHLMANN (Sankt Augustin, Germany), Volker NEUMANN, Christian MONZ, Dirk DAHMANN, Christof ASBACH, Heinz KAMINSKI, Ana Maria TODEA

"Tuesday 06 September"

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16:10 - 18:10

Poster session
Optical, electrical and gravimetric measurement techniques

16:10 - 18:10 #4901 - P2-AMT-INST-030 Development of a photothermal interferometer for aerosol absorption measurements. Staffan SJOGREN (Windisch, Switzerland), Ernest WEINGARTNER, Heinz BURTSCHER
16:10 - 18:10 #4999 - P2-AMT-INST-031 Quality of digital images as means of ambient fine PM assessment. Tamar YACOBI, Yael ETZION (Haifa, Israel), Rohan JAYARATNE, Md Mahmudur RAHMAN, Lidia MORAWSKA, Barak FISHBAIN
16:10 - 18:10 #5037 - P2-AMT-INST-032 Multi-angle scattering measurement chamber for structure factor measurement. Zsofia JURÁNYI (Windisch, Switzerland), Markus LOEPFE, Heinz BURTSCHER
16:10 - 18:10 #5158 - P2-AMT-INST-033 On the use of the field Sunset semi-continuous analyzer to measure equivalent black carbon concentrations. Nadezda ZIKOVA, Petr VODICKA (Prague, Czech Republic), Wolfgang LUDWIG, Regina HITZENBERGER, Jaroslav SCHWARZ
16:10 - 18:10 #5220 - P2-AMT-INST-034 Pulse-Height Analysis with an Unmodified Monochromatic Condensation Particle Counter. Konstantinos BARMPOUNIS (Nicosia, Cyprus), Ananth RANJITHKUMAR, Andreas SCHMIDT-OTT, Michel ATTOUI, George BISKOS
16:10 - 18:10 #5369 - P2-AMT-INST-036 A thermodenuder assisted dual-wavelength dual cell photoacoustic aerosol analyser with enhanced source apportionment capability. Máté PINTÉR (Szeged, Hungary), Noémi UTRY, Gábor GULYÁS, Gergely KISS-ALBERT, Tibor AJTAI, Gábor SZABÓ, Zoltán BOZÓKI
16:10 - 18:10 #5459 - P2-AMT-INST-037 A study of Saharan dust and biomass burning by using Raman LiDAR and sun- photometer measurements in SHADOW2 campaign. Qiaoyun HU (Ascq), Philippe GOLOUB, Oleg DUBOVIK, Thierry PODVIN, Igor VESELOVSKII, Valentyn BOVCHALIUK, Anton LOPATIN, Benjamin TORRES, Didier TANRÉ, Christine DEROO, Tatsiana LAPIONAK, Fabrice DUCOS, Aboubacry DIALLO, David FUERTES
16:10 - 18:10 #4825 - P2-AMT-INST-038 Real-time separation between aerosolized Staphylococcus epidermidis and polystyrene latex particle of similar size distribution. Ali MOHAMADI NASRABADI, Jangseop HAN (Seoul, Korea), Milad MASSOUDI FARID, Sang-Gu LEE, Jungho HWANG
16:10 - 18:10 #5095 - P2-AMT-INST-039 Comparison Between the Experimental and Theoretical Resolution of a Simple Three Outlet Differential Mobility Analyzer. Spyridon BEZANTAKOS (Nicosia, Cyprus), Maria GIAMARELOU, L. HUANG, Konstantinos BARMPOUNIS, Jason OLFERT, George BISKOS
16:10 - 18:10 #5478 - P2-AMT-INST-040 Collection of submicron aerosols by a passive sampler system using corona-charged resin surfaces. M. P. KHAIRUNNISA (Koganei/Tokyo, Japan), Ferry FAIZAL, Yosuke YAMADA, Masao GEN, Naoya HAMA, I. Wuled LENGGORO
16:10 - 18:10 #4500 - P2-AMT-INST-041 PPI personal thoracic aerosol sampler performance. Peter GÖRNER (Vandoeuvre lès Nancy), Alexis BOIVIN, Sébastien BAU
16:10 - 18:10 #8876 - P2-AMT-INST-052 New developments for fast, high resolution and transmission DMA measurements. Luis Javier PEREZ-LORENZO, Gonzalo ARRANZ, Mario AMO-GONZALEZ, Heinz BURTSCHER, Rafael CUESTA (Boecillo, Spain), Juan FERNANDEZ DE LA MORA

"Tuesday 06 September"

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16:10 - 18:10

Poster session
Comparison and implementation of measurement methods

16:10 - 18:10 #4566 - P2-AMT-INST-042 Ground-based and balloon-borne aerosol cross comparisons with the aerosol counter LOAC. Damien VIGNELLES (ORLEANS), Jean-Baptiste RENARD, Gwenaël BERTHET, Fabrice JEGOU, Vincent DUVERGER, Benoit COUTE, François DULAC, Paul ZIEGER, Matthew SALTER, Jérome GIACOMONI, Adam BOURASSA, Doug DEGENSTEIN, Landon RIEGER, Matthieu JEANNOT
16:10 - 18:10 #5108 - P2-AMT-INST-043 Dustiness of nanomaterial powders: comparison between the small rotating drum and the vortex shaker methods. Claire DAZON (Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy), Olivier WITSCHGER, Sébastien BAU, Raphael PAYET, Alexis BOIVIN, Keld A. JENSEN, Elżbieta JANKOWSKA
16:10 - 18:10 #5331 - P2-AMT-INST-044 Influence of the thermal–optical temperature protocol in the determination of OC and EC concentrations on samples collected in the surroundings of a cement plant. Eduardo YUBERO (Elche, Spain), Nuria GALINDO, Jose Francisco NICOLÁS, Montse VAREA, Ramón CASTAÑER, Caballero SANDRA, Juan GIL, Carlos PASTOR, Javier CRESPO
16:10 - 18:10 #5604 - P2-AMT-INST-046 Real-time Air Quality Monitoring with a Novel Aerosol PM Monitor. Torsten TRITSCHER (Aachen, Germany), Robert ANDERSON, Ralf STEINHEUER, Jürgen SPIELVOGEL, Oliver BISCHOF
16:10 - 18:10 #5656 - P2-AMT-INST-047 Urban air quality measurements in Finland and China using a PPS-M sensor. Miikka DAL MASO (Tampere, Finland), Anssi JÄRVINEN, Jian GAO, Heino KUULUVAINEN, Sampo SAARI, Jarkko NIEMI, Liisa PIRJOLA, Kauko JANKA, Jorma KESKINEN
16:10 - 18:10 #4927 - P2-AMT-INST-049 Collection of cast soot particles with a particle into liquid sampler (pils). Lorenz WITEK (Vienna, Austria), Theresa HALLER, Anna WONASCHÜTZ, Gerhard STEINER, Harald SCHUH, Hinrich GROTHE, Regina HITZENBERGER
16:10 - 18:10 #5524 - P2-AMT-INST-050 Development of photochemical chamber system for the laboratory characterization of primary and secondary vehicular exhaust from bio-ethanol. Pedro OYOLA (Santiago, Chile), Vasileios PAPAPOSTOLOU, Reyes REYES, Yeanice VÁSQUEZ, Ernesto GRAMSCH, Joy LAWRENCE
16:10 - 18:10 #8852 - P2-AMT-INST-053 Comparison of continuous-wave LII (“SP2”) and pulsed-shot LII response to rBC measurement. Jinfeng YUAN (Villigen PSI, Switzerland), Joel CORBIN, Martin GYSEL
Wednesday 07 September

"Wednesday 07 September"

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08:30 - 09:30

Plenary Lecture 3
Free nanoparticle studies using synchrotron radiations.

Chairpersons: Dr Christof ASBACH (Unit Head "Air Quality & Filtration") (Duisburg, Germany), Jose L CASTILLO (Professor) (Madrid, Spain)
Plenary Speaker: J. Brian A. MITCHELL (Rennes, France)
Auditorium Ronsard

"Wednesday 07 September"

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10:40 - 13:00

Chemical markers for source apportionment analyses

Chairpersons: Konstantinos ELEFTHERIADIS (Attiki, Greece), María Cruz MINGUILLÓN (Barcelona, Spain)
10:40 - 11:00 #5416 - O25-AMT-PMx-01 Size-segregated long-term chemical analysis and source apportionment of the organic aerosol in the Northern hemisphere using offline aerosol mass spectrometry. Imad EL HADDAD (Villigen, Switzerland), Kaspar DAELLENBACH, Carlo BOZZETTI, Athanasia VLACHOU, Jay SLOWIK, Ru-Jin HUANG, Jean-Luc JAFFREZO, Paola FERMO, Josef DOMMEN, Urs BALTENSPERGER, Andre PREVOT
11:00 - 11:20 #5607 - O25-AMT-PMx-02 A comprehensive source apportionment data analysis for ACSM data. Francesco CANONACO (Rütihof, Switzerland), Y. SOSEDOVA, K. DÄLLENBACH, J. G. SLOWIK, I. EL HADDAD, Carlo BOZZETTI, U. BALTENSPERGER, A. S. H. PRÉVÔT
11:20 - 11:40 #5686 - O25-AMT-PMx-03 Source attribution of particulate sulfate concentrations at chosen measurement stations in Europe by the use of the CMAQ chemistry transport model. Daniel NEUMANN (Geesthacht, Germany), Volker MATTHIAS, Armin AULINGER, Markus QUANTE, Johannes BIESER
12:00 - 12:20 #5206 - O25-AMT-PMx-05 Day-night differences in the sources of carbonaceous aerosol determined by 14C measurements at a regional background site. Dusek ULRIKE (Groningen, The Netherlands), Elise BROEKEMA, Rupert HOLZINGER, Thomas RÖCKMANN, Harro MEIJER
12:20 - 12:40 #5003 - O25-AMT-PMx-06 Influence of source specific black carbon production and meteorology on spatio-temporal distribution of black carbon concentration in Central-European basin. Luka DRINOVEC (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Asta GREGORIČ, Irena JEŽEK, Rahela ŽABKAR, Jure CEDILNIK, Griša MOČNIK
12:40 - 13:00 #4579 - O25-AMT-PMx-07 Sources of the PM10 aerosol in Flanders, Belgium, and re-evaluation of the contribution from wood burning. Willy MAENHAUT (, Belgium), R. VERMEYLEN, M. CLAEYS, J. VERCAUTEREN, E. ROEKENS
10:40 - 13:00 RESERVE PAPER / P3-AMT-PMx-004 Comparison of Rochester aerosol sources at two periods of time using combined size distribution and air pollutant data.
Fereshteh EMAMI, Philip HOPKE, David CHALUPA, David RICH

"Wednesday 07 September"

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10:40 - 13:00

Techniques for ambient aerosol characterization

Chairpersons: Markus PESCH (Ainring, Germany), Dr Olivier WITSCHGER (INRS / Laboratoire de Métrologie des Aérosols) (Vice-président de l'ASFERA, France)
11:00 - 11:20 #5096 - O24-AMT-INST-09 Comparison of three miniaturized aerosol-absorption instruments, under ambient and controlled conditions. Michael PIKRIDAS (Nicosia, Cyprus), Spyros BEZANTAKOS, Grisa MOČNIK, Christos KELESHIS, Fred BRECHTEL, Eleni LIAKAKOU, Franci BASTARDI, Luka DRINOVEC, Alexandra TSEKERI, Mihalis VREKOUSSIS, George BISKOS, Vasilis AMIRIDIS, Nikolaos MIHALOPOULOS, Jean SCIARE
11:20 - 11:40 #5074 - O24-AMT-INST-10 Multi-instrument optical closure study: laboratory and field approaches. Julia PERIM DE FARIA (Jülich, Germany), Ulrich BUNDKE, Thomas MENTEL, Timothy B. ONASCH, Andrew FREEDMAN, Andreas PETZOLD
11:40 - 12:00 RESERVE PAPER / P2-AMT-INST-047 Urban air quality measurements in Finland and China using a PPS-M sensor.
12:00 - 12:20 #4995 - O24-AMT-INST-12 Characterization of Atmospheric Ions at the High Alpine Station Jungfraujoch (Switzerland). Carla FREGE (Villigen, Switzerland), Federico BIANCHI, Ugo MOLTENI, Heikki JUNNINEN, Tröstl JASMIN, Stephan HENNE, Michel ROSSI, Erik HERRMANN, Mikko SIPILA, Josef DOMMEN, Urs BALTENSPERGER
12:02 - 12:40 #5508 - O24-AMT-INST-13 Analysis of particulate matter collected on quartz-filters using laser-desorption/ionization-time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Kaspar R. DAELLENBACH (Villigen - PSI, Switzerland), Imad EL HADDAD, Lassi KARVONEN, Jay Gates SLOWIK, Joel C. CORBIN, Maarten Frans HERINGA, Samuel M. LUEDIN, Valentin PFLUEGER, Guido VOGEL, Urs BALTENSPERGER, André S. H. PRÉVÔT
Salle 2
Thursday 08 September

"Thursday 08 September"

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10:00 - 12:20

Measurement techniques for special applications

Chairpersons: Attila NAGY (Budapest, Hungary), Wladyslaw SZYMANSKI (Vienna, Austria)
10:20 - 10:40 #5022 - O29-AMT-INST-16 Effect of exhaust oxygen concentration on the performance of a catalytic stripper. Jacob SWANSON, Hans-Joachim SCHULZ (Rosenheim, Germany), Adam BOIES
10:40 - 11:00 #5017 - O29-AMT-INST-17 Reliable detection of volcanic ash with dual-wavelength light scattering. Ernest WEINGARTNER (Windisch, Switzerland), Zsofia JURANYI, Heinz BURTSCHER
11:00 - 11:20 #4815 - O29-AMT-INST-18 Advances in Detection of Volcanic Ash from Commercial Aircraft. Darrel BAUMGARDNER, Alexis ATWOOD (Boulder, USA), Matt FREER, Konradin WEBER, Andreas VOGEL, Tobias POHL
11:20 - 11:40 #4934 - O29-AMT-INST-19 Direct surface tension and viscosity measurements of aqueous-organic aerosol droplets from particle coalescence measurements. Reid JONATHAN (Bristol, United Kingdom), Bryan BZDEK, Rachael MILES, Allen HADDRELL, A. Donald HALL
11:40 - 12:00 #4559 - O29-AMT-INST-20 Characterization of optically-trapped submicron aerosol particles by ultraviolet broadband light scattering. Kıvanç ESAT (Zürich, Switzerland), Grégory DAVID, Irina RITSCH, Ruth SIGNORELL
12:00 - 12:20 #5311 - O29-AMT-INST-21 Photoacoustic investigations on single optically levitated aerosol droplets. Christoph HAISCH (München, Germany), Johannes W. CREMER, Thaler KLEMENS, Ruth SIGNORELL
10:00 - 12:20 RESERVE PAPER / P2-AMT-INST-004 A novel probe to investigate corrosion relevant particles in boilers of waste incineration plants.
Salle 2

"Thursday 08 September"

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13:50 - 16:10

Calibration and advancements of existing techniques

Chairpersons: Oliver BISCHOF (Aachen, Germany), François-Xavier OUF (IRSN/PSN-RES/SCA) (Saclay, France)
13:50 - 14:10 #5480 - O34-AMT-INST-22 Characterization and development of a fast mixing type particle counter. Joonas ENROTH (Helsinki, Finland), Juha KANGASLUOMA, Frans KORHONEN, Markku KULMALA, Michel ATTOUI, Tuukka PETÄJÄ
14:10 - 14:30 #5348 - O34-AMT-INST-23 Working-fluid dependent response of ultrafine condensation particle counters to biogenic nanoparticles. Andrea OJDANIC (Vienna, Austria), Dominik STOLZENBURG, Paulus BAUER, Paul WINKLER
14:50 - 15:10 #4992 - O34-AMT-INST-25 Detection near 1-nm with a laminar-flow, water-based condensation particle counter. Susanne HERING (Berkeley, CA, USA), Gregory LEWIS, Steven SPEILMAN, Arantzazu EIGUREN-FERNANDEZ, Nathan KREISBERG, Chongai KUANG, Michel ATTOUI
15:10 - 15:30 #5373 - O34-AMT-INST-26 Development of an Online Extractive Electrospray Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (EESI-TOF): Application to Atmospheric Aerosol. Felipe LOPEZ-HILFIKER (Villigen, Switzerland), Veronika POSPISILOVA, Josef DOMMEN, Andre PREVOT, Urs BALTENSPERGER, Jay SLOWIK
15:30 - 15:50 RESERVE PAPER / P2-AMT-INST-025 Comparison of different techniques for aerosol surface area size distribution measurements: CEPI, ELPI and SMPS.
15:50 - 16:10 #5259 - O34-AMT-INST-28 Aerosol concentration calibration method for particle sizes from 1 to 8 microns. Jay EVERSOLE (Washington, DC, USA), Vasanthi SIVAPRAKASAM, John TUCKER, David SILCOTT, Jesse LINNELL, Frank MACDONALD, Miles OWEN
Salle 2

"Thursday 08 September"

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16:10 - 18:10

Poster session
Source apportionment and data interpretation, analysis and sampling

16:10 - 18:10 #4986 - P3-AMT-PMx-002 The error in PM measurements caused by water vapour adsorption of the filter material. Gyula KISS (Veszprém, Hungary), Kornélia IMRE, Ágnes MOLNÁR, Ádám TÓTH
16:10 - 18:10 #5244 - P3-AMT-PMx-005 GAW global site Hohenpeißenberg –how has the aerosol load changed over the years? Johanna ESSER-GIETL (Hohenpeißenberg, Germany), Michael ELSASSER, Harald FLENTJE, Adele HENKE, Werner THOMAS
16:10 - 18:10 #4609 - P3-AMT-PMx-007 Characterization of atmospheric pm2.5 in southern taiwan. Chong-Yu TSENG (Tainan, Taiwan), Sheng-Lun LIN, Wen-Jhy LEE, John MWANGI
16:10 - 18:10 #4631 - P3-AMT-PMx-008 Characterization of atmospheric pm2.5 in southern taiwan. Chong-Yu TSENG (Tainan, Taiwan), Sheng-Lun LIN, Wen-Jhy LEE, John MWANGI
16:10 - 18:10 #4684 - P3-AMT-PMx-009 High-resolution sampling, analysis and source apportionment of particulate matter at Woolston, Christchurch, New Zealand. Perry DAVY, Vincent SALOMON (Christchurch, New Zealand), William TROMPETTER, Travis ANCELET
16:10 - 18:10 #4726 - P3-AMT-PMx-010 Chemical characterization of submicron organic aerosol sources in Po Valley by advanced spectroscopic techniques. Marco PAGLIONE (Bologna, Italy), Stefania GILARDONI, Stefano DECESARI, Nicola ZANCA, Matteo RINALDI, Silvia SANDRINI, Lara GIULIANELLI, Silvia FERRARI, Vanes POLUZZI, Maria Cristina FACCHINI, Sandro FUZZI
16:10 - 18:10 #4744 - P3-AMT-PMx-011 Source apportionment in a complex environment by developed Positive Matrix Factorization: advantages and limitations. Florie CHEVRIER (Le Bourget du Lac), Irena JEŽEK, Grisa MOČNIK, Guillaume BRULFERT, Jean-Luc JAFFREZO, Jean-Luc BESOMBES
16:10 - 18:10 #4822 - P3-AMT-PMx-012 The influence of meteorology of indoor PM2.5 concentration: application of advanced modelling techniques. Luiz FALCÃO, Samuel CLIFFORD, Mandana MAZAHERI, David BRODAY, Lidia MORAWSKA (Brisbane, Australia)
16:10 - 18:10 #4838 - P3-AMT-PMx-015 Trends of PM source contributions and chemical tracers in NE Spain during 2004 - 2014: A multi-exponential approach. Marco PANDOLFI (Barcelona, Spain), Andrés ALASTUEY, Noemi PÉREZ, Cristina RECHE, Iria CASTRO, Victor SHATALOV, Xavier QUEROL
16:10 - 18:10 #4879 - P3-AMT-PMx-016 Three-way Positive Matrix Factorization analysis of PM10 in Brisbane, Australia. Godwin AYOKO (Brisbane, Australia), Rohan JAYARATNE, Sandya MUMMULLAGE
16:10 - 18:10 #4887 - P3-AMT-PMx-017 Estimation of the aerosols sources in a high polluted metropolitan area. Luminita MARMUREANU (Magurele, Romania), Jeni VASILESCU, Anca NEMUC, Livio BELEGANTE
16:10 - 18:10 #4961 - P3-AMT-PMx-018 Combining traditional aerosol source apportionment studies based in 24 hours off line analysis with real time AMS measurements. José Carlos CERRO (PALMA, Spain), Jorge PEY, Noemí PÉREZ, Víctor CERDÀ, H. Langley DEWITT, Stig HELLEBUST, Miriam ELSER, André PRÉVÔT, Brice TEMIME-ROUSSEL, Nicolas MARCHAND
16:10 - 18:10 #4973 - P3-AMT-PMx-019 Characterization of winter organic and inorganic aerosols in Galway, Ireland with an Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor. Chunshui LIN (Galway, Ireland), Jurgita OVADNEVAITE, Darius CEBURNIS, Huang RUJIN, Colin O'DOWD
16:10 - 18:10 #5218 - P3-AMT-PMx-020 Online measurements of aerosol composition at GAW measurement site Hohenpeißenberg, Germany and local wood waste burning emission. Michael ELSASSER (Hohenpeißenberg, Germany), Johanna ESSER-GIETL, Harald FLENTJE, Björn BRIEL, Werner THOMAS
16:10 - 18:10 #5366 - P3-AMT-PMx-022 A simulation method for estimating the accuracy of aerosol source apportionment by dual wavelength optical absorption measurement. Károly SIMON (Szeged, Hungary), Noémi UTRY, Gábor GULYÁS, Tibor AJTAI, Gábor SZABÓ, Zoltán BOZÓKI
16:10 - 18:10 #5422 - P3-AMT-PMx-023 Comparative air quality assessment at the street level with a mobile laboratory. Esperanza PERDRIX (DOUAI), Nathalie REDON, André WROBLEWSKI, Laurent ALLEMAN, Véronique RIFFAULT
16:10 - 18:10 #5554 - P3-AMT-PMx-024 Characterization of submicron aerosol in Prague by source apportionment analysis of combined AMS data. Otakar MAKEŠ (Prague, Czech Republic), Petr VODIČKA, Jaroslav SCHWARZ, Vladimír ŽDÍMAL
16:10 - 18:10 #5651 - P3-AMT-PMx-026 Packaging waste burning tracers in residential wood combustion area. Hanna-Lii KUPRI (Tallinn, Estonia), Marek MAASIKMETS, Riin REBANE, Erik TEINEMAA, Tarvo ARUMÄE, Viktoria VORONOVA
16:10 - 18:10 #5652 - P3-AMT-PMx-027 Source apportionment study and modelling of air pollutants from residential heating in Tartu. Marek MAASIKMETS, Erik TEINEMAA (Tallinn, Estonia), Hannes KEERNIK, Hanna-Lii KUPRI
16:10 - 18:10 #5673 - P3-AMT-PMx-028 Particulate matter variability sources in an open-plan office: comparison of two monitoring campaigns. Rachid OUARET (CRETEIL), Anda IONESCU, Viorel PETREHUS, Yves CANDAU, Olivier RAMALHO
16:10 - 18:10 #5553 - P3-AMT-PMx-029 Coagulation versus chemical processing in a single particle mass spectral data set. Paul REITZ (Solingen, Germany), Sören R. ZORN, Tabitha GWISDORF, Stefan H. TRIMBORN, Achim M. TRIMBORN
16:10 - 18:10 #5672 - P3-AMT-PMx-030 How to quantify similarity of aerosol mass spectra? Mikko ÄIJÄLÄ (Helsinki, Finland), Heikki JUNNINEN, Tuukka PETÄJÄ, Markku KULMALA, Douglas WORSNOP, Mikael EHN
16:10 - 18:10 #4614 - P3-AMT-PMx-031 An evaluation of analytical quality for selected PAH measurements in ashes/particles from combustion of agricultural and forestry waste biomass. Susana GARCÍA-ALONSO (Madrid, Spain), Rosa María PÉREZ-PASTOR, David SANZ RIVERA, Enrique ROJAS GARCÍA, Jesús Javier RODRÍGUEZ MAROTO
16:10 - 18:10 #4897 - P3-AMT-PMx-032 Surface Chemical Structure of Isolated Aerosols by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy. Olivier SUBLEMONTIER (Gif-sur-Yvette), Safia BENKOULA, Damien AUREAU, Christophe NICOLAS, Mina PATANEN, Harold KINTZ, Xiaojing LIU, Marc-Andre GAVEAU, Jean-Luc LE GARREC, Emmanuel ROBERT, Flory-Anne BARREDA, Arnaud ETCHEBERRY, Cécile REYNAUD, James Brian MITCHELL, Catalin MIRON
16:10 - 18:10 #4974 - P3-AMT-PMx-033 AVEC plots: a new way to visualise EC/OC thermograms. Eleonora NICOLOSI (Wimbledon, United Kingdom), Paul QUINCEY, Gary FULLER
16:10 - 18:10 #5606 - P3-AMT-PMx-035 Characterization of airplane soot surrogates using Raman spectroscopy. Raouf IKHENAZENE (Villeneuve d’Ascq), Claire PIRIM, Yvain CARPENTIER, Cristian FOCSA, Bertrand CHAZALLON, Francois-Xavier OUF, Ismael ORTEGA
16:10 - 18:10 #5035 - P3-AMT-PMx-038 Performances of the CIP 10-M personal sampler: new laboratory and field investigations. Xavier SIMON (Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy), Sébastien BAU, Alexis BOIVIN, Philippe DUQUENNE, Olivier WITSCHGER, Peter GÖRNER
16:10 - 18:10 #5410 - P3-AMT-PMx-039 Impact of soot physico-chemical properties in sampling line losses measurements. David DELHAYE (Palaiseau), Ismael Kenneth ORTEGA, Vincent PLANA, Xavier VANCASSEL
16:10 - 18:10 #5413 - P3-AMT-PMx-040 Contamination induced by the use of PTFE lines in aeronautic soot sampling. Ismael Kenneth ORTEGA (Palaiseau), Cornelia IRIMIEA, David DELHAYE, Claire PIRIM, Cristian FOCSA, Xavier VANCASSEL
16:10 - 18:10 #4826 - P3-AMT-PMx-042 Multi-site Concentration Field method applied to the outputs of a comprehensive source apportionment study (PMF) in the north of France. Diogo OLIVEIRA (Lille), Veronique RIFFAULT, Esperanza PERDRIX, Stephane SAUVAGE, Olivier FAVEZ
16:10 - 18:10 #4864 - P3-AMT-PMx-043 Aerosol size distribution of outdoor and indoor subway station depending on outdoor wind speed. Sechan PARK (Uiwang, Korea), Minhae KIM, Tae-Suk OH, Sung-Joon BAE, Yeo Gyeong YUN, Soon-Bark KWON
16:10 - 18:10 #4963 - P3-AMT-PMx-044 Evaluation of self-developed separation methods for oc-ec analysis in aerosol particles against a standard method in dependence of sampling frequency and with regard to 14c analysis. Katrin ZENKER (Groningen, The Netherlands), Matthias VONWILLER, Sönke SZIDAT, Giulia CALZOLAI, Martina GIANNONI, Vera BERNARDONI, Aleksandra JEDYNSKA, Bas HENZING, Harro MEIJER, Ulrike DUSEK
16:10 - 18:10 #5436 - P3-AMT-PMx-045 Identification of main sources of PM2.5 during winter at a suburban site in Douai, Northern France. Roger ROIG RODELAS (Douai), Esperanza PERDRIX, Emmanuel TISON, Benoît HERBIN, Véronique RIFFAULT
16:10 - 18:10 #5636 - P3-AMT-PMx-046 Source apportionment of PM2.5 collected in a traffic site and in an urban background site in Athens, Greece: Comparison of the chemical profiles and the contributions. Manousos MANOUSAKAS (Athens, Greece), Evangelia DIAPOULI, Thomas MAGGOS, Dikaia SARAGA, Kyriaki BAIRACHTARI, Franco LUCARELLI, Giulia CALZOLAI, Silvia NAVA, Xavier QUEROL, Fulvio AMATO, Angeliki KARANASIOU, Konstantinos ELEFTHERIADIS
16:10 - 18:10 #5219 - P3-AMT-PMx-048 Improving the Detection Efficiency of Condensation Particle Counters for sub-2nm Particles: The Temperature Window Effect. Konstantinos BARMPOUNIS (Nicosia, Cyprus), Ananth RANJITHKUMAR, Andreas SCHMIDT-OTT, George BISKOS, Michel ATTOUI
16:10 - 18:10 #7517 - P3-AMT-PMx-049 Source apportionment of carbonaceous aerosols in East Asia based on radiocarbon and molecular marker analyses. Takuma MIYAKAWA (Yokohama, Japan), Yuichi KOMAZAKI, Fumikazu TAKETANI, Xiaole PAN, Zifa WANG, Yugo KANAYA
16:10 - 18:10 #8844 - P3-AMT-PMx-051 Road dust emission factors and source apportionment in Turin (Italy). Elio PADOAN (Gassino Torinese, Italy), Franco AJMONE MARSAN, Xavier QUEROL, Fulvio AMATO
16:10 - 18:10 #8782 - P3-AMT-PMx-054 Seasonal variations in the size distribution of elements and ions in the Po Valley. Daniele FRASCA (Fara in Sabina, Italy), Silvia CANEPARI, Maria Luisa ASTOLFI, Melissa MARCOCCIA, Elena RANTICA, Cinzia PERRINO
16:10 - 18:10 #8796 - P3-AMT-PMx-055 Access to ACTRIS observations, calibrations and services. Sabine PHILIPPIN (Aubière cedex), Gelsomina PAPPALARDO, Paolo LAJ, Team ACTRIS
Friday 09 September

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10:10 - 12:30

Source apportionment tools and applications

Chairpersons: Anda IONESCU (MAITRE DE CONFERENCES) (CRETEIL, France), Nikos MIHALOPOULOS (Heraklion - Crete, Greece)
10:10 - 10:30 #4848 - O39-AMT-PMx-08 Nitrogen's stable isotopes as a proxy to determine ammonium sources in PM using a Monte Carlo's simulation. Samuel WEBER (Saint Martin d'Hères), Benjamin GOLLY, Olivier FAVEZ, Sebastien CONIL, Joël SAVARINO, Jean-Luc JAFFREZO
10:30 - 10:50 #4696 - O39-AMT-PMx-14 Inter-comparison of PMF and CMB receptor models for PM10 source apportionment in three sites in central Italy. Daniela CESARI (LECCE, Italy), Silvana IACOBELLIS, Antonio DONATEO, Giancarlo POTENZA, Carmela TORTORELLA, Marianna CONTE, Daniele CONTINI
10:50 - 11:10 #5254 - O39-AMT-PMx-10 Study of PM10 in a polluted area in Tuscany in the proximity of a waste incinerator. Franco LUCARELLI, Giulia CALZOLAI, Massimo CHIARI, Silvia NAVA, Martina GIANNONI (Sesto Fiorentino, Italy), Silvia BECAGLI, Roberto UDISTI, Valter BARRERA
11:30 - 11:50 #5613 - O39-AMT-PMx-12 The Source Apportionment Delta tool. Denise PERNIGOTTI, Claudio A. BELIS (Ispra, Italy)
11:50 - 12:10 #4721 - O39-AMT-PMx-13 Harmonized PM source apportionment on a large set of various French sites using constrained Positive Matrix Factorization. Dalia SALAMEH (Saint-Martin d’Hères), Olivier FAVEZ, Benjamin GOLLY, Jean Luc BESOMBES, Laurent ALLEMAN, Alexandre ALBINET, Jean Luc JAFFREZO
12:10 - 12:30 #5365 - O39-AMT-PMx-09 Source apportionment of PM2.5 in the Balkan region: Identification of major emission sources and variability of source chemical profiles. Evangelia DIAPOULI (ATHENS, Greece), Manousos-Ioannis MANOUSAKAS, Vasiliki KANTARELOU, Niko CIVICI, Kresimir SEGA, Ivan BESLIC, Silvije DAVILA, Konstantinos ELEFTHERIADIS
Salle 2

"Friday 09 September"

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14:00 - 15:40

PMx characterization: sources and processes

Chairpersons: Véronique RIFFAULT (Professor) (Douai, France), Jaroslav SCHWARZ (Prague, Czech Republic)
14:00 - 14:20 #4783 - O44-AMT-PMx-15 Real-time chemical characterization of submicron particles in M’Bour, Senegal during the 2015 dry season. Laura-Hélèna RIVELLINI (Lille), Véronique RIFFAULT, Isabelle CHIAPELLO, Emmanuel TISON, Marc FOURMENTIN
14:40 - 15:00 #5470 - O44-AMT-PMx-17 Controlling air pollution at construction sites. Gary FULLER (London, United Kingdom), Anna FONT
15:00 - 15:20 #5370 - O44-AMT-PMx-18 Origins of PM10 in northern coast of France: a one year study to estimate maritime contributions in the Strait of Dover. Cloe ROCHE, Frédéric LEDOUX (Dunkerque), Mireille BORGIE, Gilles DELMAIRE, Gilles ROUSSEL, Matthieu PUIGT, Dominique COURCOT
15:20 - 15:40 RESERVE PAPER / P3-AMT-PMx-004 Comparison of Rochester aerosol sources at two periods of time using combined size distribution and air pollutant data.
Fereshteh EMAMI, Philip HOPKE, David CHALUPA, David RICH
Salle 2